The opening of many borders not only entails changes in communication but also poses considerable challenges to language experts. In times of globalized markets, however, it is essential to use the correct specialized terms when writing texts in English or French, for example. In written language it is the subtleties that count, demanding personal awareness and comprehension as well as an understanding of the other party.

This calls for experts who are well-versed in the subject areas of their customers. English, German and French are the source and target languages I work with, and I am fully conversant with the specialized terminology of my subject areas, which include economics, banking, finance, human resources, marketing and law.

Certified translations of administrative documents are carried out promptly and at fair conditions. To cater optimally for the target group, I determine the type of text and quality level required for each order I receive.  My translations also take into account the intended purpose and regional preferences.

My sound and comprehensive knowledge of the different specialized fields also covers legal terminology. I translate contracts, court decisions, by-laws and further contractual documents into the required language in accordance with the regulations of foreign authorities. My clients include international financial institutions as well as renowned and highly demanding translation agencies.

Are you in need of a competent simultaneous or consecutive interpreter for your conferences with foreign business partners? I will gladly provide you with my services.

Efficiency, discretion and reliability are assured. You will be convinced of my commitment to quality!



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